Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dear Artists, Friends & Followers.

It has been a while since our last post; actually since our last FLASH event. The main reason has been our heavy fight in trying to keep our path in good and perfect performance to be able to support the art & artists.
Worldwide resecion, personal motifs and daily life have been a bit of a stumbling into our goals to allow us to continue, produce and present quality works, acts & events.
All those reasons have made us to stop, evaluate and think before we continue. We believe in quality, not quantity, and that is why we have been quiet. We hope you can understand us.

Now, despite all outside news, we seem to have got our mind in peace, clear ideas, back to our contacts and are moving. We are actually preparing our next tertulia with the artists, we are already with many ideas for the next exhibition; we hope we can come back to you shortly with more feeds. We are still alive.

David Correa.

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