Thursday, 2 February 2012

WINTER EVENT 2011. (20 & 21 January 2012)

BRIEFS from the Director.

Despite the heavy worldwide economical crissis, FLASH GALLERY BCN has hold the winter event with high optimism and great results.
To our suprprise we must say, once more again, as usual it was a great success, not only for the sales, but also the feed back from our guests about the quality of the exhibition.
We had many positive critics about the artists that participated, specially from the debutant Colombian artist established in Berlin, Catalina Orjuela. Her art was greatly admired from the point of view of her style and sensations; the paradigma between the images and colour combinations. She also had a great feed back from the power to manipulate the human figure, specially the face traces.
Not to forget to mention Mr. Daniel Meakin, the young British artist, establish already for a while in Barcelona and his critics. Some people that have known his art quiet well for the last few years, commented on how Daniel' s work had a Re- birth of his previous style, with pieces of art more foresfull in terms of thema; meaning quite a clear distinction on his intention what to create; a Re- birth to his Naive style.

All those comments are good enough for us, but they did not ended here.
We were greatly congratulated and encourage to continue with the new part on this exhibition. This was the African Corner as we called it, where we presented 12 exquisite unique pieces of art. All of them came from various countries of Africa, but were delicate selected with the help & support from our professional dealer Mamadou.

On this occasion we have also celebrated 3 years of existance since we commence our long road journey in the difficult world of art, artist and institutions. We have been encourage to continue with our big cruzade for supporting artist and their art in the philantropic way we have been doing it; meaning as a NON PROFITABLE ORGANIZATION that we are.

Thank you very much to all the participants.
David Correa.

Catalina Orjuela & Daniel Meakin.

Ready for the event!!!

Happy moments; art lovers & their artist.